// vocals

After learning his craft in church bands and jam sessions with friends, Colby's vocal performances have become an incredibly moving and personal experience for his listeners. He is inspired by great singer-songwriters like John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne and blends his intimate lyrical style perfectly with the modern rock sound of Smoking with the Bandit. His compositions are influenced by his favorite films as well as his favorite musicians from past and present.


// guitar

Evoking intoxicating melodies, captivating solos, and lush chord progressions, Garrett Payne's electrifying guitar work brings out some of the best sounds in rock, metal, and progressive music. He loves the direct, visceral connection to the audience that only music can provide and strives to create a revitalized rock music experience for fans and listeners. He is an avid reader and draws inspiration from many fields of science and literature.



// drums

Collin Payne's infectious rhythms are inspired by his diverse musical background in marching percussion and garage projects as well as trumpet playing and electronic beat creation. Inspired by gaming and television storytelling, his style has been honed around rock guitar, creating a refreshingly melodic approach to the drum set that adds another voice to the sonic experience. 


// bass

Also known as "D-Rail", Daryl McCarty's bass lines deliver mind bending low end groove that will get you moving. Video games and film motivate much of his compositional approach. He believes that music brings people closer together and  is honored to be a part of that musical connection. His style is both modern and classic, drawing on sounds from rock, jazz, blues, and progressive music.




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